And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. Mathew 24:14


Reaching the unreached for 35 years

Our mission is to follow the Great Commission and carry out community service with the love of Jesus Christ to the indigenous communities of Colombia. There are approximately 80 distinct indigenous tribes or people groups in Colombia; each one with their own language and culture. Each tribe varies in size and in the amount of communities they have. About 35 tribal groups do not have a church and there are approximately 15 unreached people groups who have never heard the saving message of Jesus Christ.

Crisalinco's Bible Training Centers equips indigenous leaders in the fundamental areas of evangelism, church planting, theology, and pastoral care. Upon completion they are ordained as pastors and sent back to their communities to reach their own people for Christ, in their own language and culture.

Crisalinco's Missionary School teaches and equips students who have been called to transcultural mission work. They are trained in the areas of transcultural missions, theology and linguistics. Upon completion of two and a half years of study they are sent out to bring God's message of hope and salvation to the neglected tribes and communities of Colombia.

Crisalinco's projects include community service, kids programs, Bible distribution, Bible translation, alphabetization, micro-business and others.